** Sector coveted by fly fishers! **

Val Chester is located along the Nicolet River area most coveted by fly fishermen.

For non-occupant: You can purchase access rights to the fishing Nicolet course (18 km), on the site.

Picnic areas equipped with a barbecue to cook your freshly caught trout are put for your disposal. Our water management and stocking are done in harmony with the environment. Fishermen must have a fishing license from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Nicolet River

Located in the Bois-Francs (zone 7) of the Centre-du-Québec region, the Nicolet River stands among the most beautiful restored rivers in Québec. At the level of our wading sites, the river unfolds in a succession of foaming rapids and exposed rocks, numerous pools, fish-shelters, and deflectors that constitute a privileged habitat for the brook trout (speckled trout), the rainbow trout, and the brown trout. The entire site is stocked regularly during the summer. Furthermore, you will be fishing in peace because there are no biting insects as in other regions.

Reference:  La Tribune (Sherbrooke)
 Plein air/Loisirs, samedi 23 avril 2011, p.E7
La pêche est de retour sur la rivière Nicolet
Yanick Poisson


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