Whether in our lake or directly into the river, Val Chester Outdoor Centre is ideal for trout fishing for both beginners and experienced fly fishers.

Our water management and stocking are done in harmony with the environment.


  • 29 May 2020

    For  season 2021 we are full booked for traverlers.

    Group access only to the site. (on reservation please)

    Thank you for your understanding and have a good season. You can contact us by email for 2022 . Reservation or receptions, events for 2022.

    Seasonal land available for 2022.

  • 6 October 2016


     Clik here to Views on the site !

  • 17 August 2016

    Information for all !!!
    You have a meeting to plan
    Friends to see, family party.
    We are the perfect place.
    Meal, an intimate room, ambience and decor unic, on the riverside.

    In the Quebec Center

    1:30 from Quebec
    2:00 from Montreal,
    1:00 from Sherbrooke

    See the menu…/mechoui-traiteur/

    DSC_0264 SALLE DSC00152

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